Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New art from Helena Blomljus

Every day, we see new art images uploaded on the site.  Recently, Swedish artist Helena Blomljus registered with KiptonART.  Helena started her career as an artist by forming the interiors in a room to enlist all the senses by transforming an old night club into a palace taken from the old tale Thousand and One Night, which she called My Heaven.  She made several installations around Sweden in offices, parks, private homes and weddings while then she started to have more traditional exhibitions all over Sweden. Galleries and town halls, restaurants and hospitals have shown her paintings. One of the reasons for Helena starting to create her paintings was that she got cancer 2002. Creating became a healing process to her, and she has continued that process after having beaten cancer.  She lives in the countryside on the west-coast of Sweden and is married with four children. At their little farm they have horses, sheep, hens and cats, which are walking outside the large windows of her studio right in the middle of nature.  Learn more about her work here.

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