Monday, September 19, 2011

Marilyn to Oprah: new art from the Brazilian artist Ricardo Bellino

It's Monday and we have a new Brazilian artist to introduce who has a fascinating story of art, real estate and supermodels.  The idea of cultivating challenging concepts goes along with Ricardo Bellinos background as an individual who sees opportunity where others may not. In Brazil, he partnered with John Casablancas and opened Elite Models in Sao Paulo which was successful in launching Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. Years later Bellino met with Donald Trump, who told Bellino he had only three minutes to give his pitch, which resulted in a world record for the fastest multi-million dollar deal and Trump partnering with Bellino on a Brazilian real estate venture. From the experience, Bellino wrote a best selling book, “You Have Three Minutes” (McGraw-Hill). 

The Deal Maker turned Art Maker by recycling 150,000 Nespresso coffee capsules and creating his first art project called "Pixtures" having his exhibition premiere being held in the historic pop culture arena of SoHo. Bellino’s creative inspiration expanded to almost one hundred pop culture figures, from art, entertainment, music, sports, politics and personalities. In the SoHo temporary installation built exclusevely to display Bellino's art exhibit comprised by seventeen 6.5 foot square images, including John F. Kennedy, Ghandi, Marilyn Monroe, Ray Charles, James Taylor, Valentino, Oprah and President Obama. Bellino contemplated the fast paced world of digitized images and envisioned a concept representative of functional object and celebrity defined as a reinterpretation of our cultural process. The Nespresso coffee capsules depict colors point by point -- up close it is a myriad of perfectly aligned colorful shapes, but step back and the iconic faces materialize.  Prices are available upon request only at KiptonART.  Email us (Bellino request) to inquire and click here to view works for sale.

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  1. What a great work of art is this. You can really see the face of Marilyn Monroe. Recycling 150,000 Nespresso coffee capsules is just a brilliant idea. Good job. 4rx