Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Art Picks, New York

Objects of Devotion and Desire

Hunter College Art History Professor Cynthia Hahn curated this exhibition investigating "how religious and spiritual issues of engagement might be important to understanding art today." Medieval reliquaries are juxtaposed with contemporary art, which like the religious objects of the past, persuade viewers and ask for a response. Objects of Devotion and Desire is organized in five themes (Vision/Senses, Body/Death, Fragment/Composite, Photo/Index, Memory/Time/Ritual), each breaking down different ways in which we interact with art. Read more...

Jeffrey Mongrain, Januarius and Dr. Hirsch, 2010. Plexiglas, hand-blown glass, metal, blood, and gold left. Courtesy of Loveed Fine Arts, New York City, and the Perimeter Gallery, Chicago. Image Courtesy of the artist. Photograph by Cathy Carver (work pictured in progress).

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