Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KiptonART Featured Artist Ysabel Lemay

KiptonART Interviews Featured Artist Ysabel Lemay

At what age did you know you were an artist? What was the first work of art you created?
I was five. At pre-school everyday I used to spend the first two hours painting. It was by far the best hours of the days. We were given large sheets and buckets of gouache paints. To this day, I still remember the scent of the paint and the joy I experienced creating those paintings.

As a KiptonART Rising Winner, what do you hope will happen for you this year?
I hope this year's association with KiptonART will bring forth an increase in visibility within the contemporary art scene, especially with New York as well as public awareness which is essential for the growth of my art career at this point.
Read Lemay's interview in KiptonART Magazine

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