Saturday, October 23, 2010

KiptonART Rising 2011 Finalist Ysabel Lemay at Andrew Martin Showroom

YSABEL LEMAY was born in Quebec, where she studied Graphic Design at the College of Sainte-Foy and in 1987 began a career, working for several prominent advertising agencies before opening and operating her firm in Vancouver. Lacking fulfillment, Lemay transitioned into the Fine Arts, leaving behind the corporate world of advertising in 2002, at which point she moves back to Quebec to devote herself full-time to the fine arts. Take an afternoon next week to visit Lemay's work at the Andrew Martin Showroom in the D and D Building, New York. Her work, accompanied by all 20 KiptonART Rising Finalists, will be up through the end of the month. Hours: 10am-6pm Monday through Friday.

ABOVE: Genesis, 2010. Photography/Archival Print, 42" x 60". $6,500, Rent for $325 per month. BELOW: Light Years Ahead, 2010. Photography/Archival Print, 48" x 48". $6,500, Rent for $325 per month.

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