Saturday, October 23, 2010

KiptonART Rising 2011 Finalist James Kennedy at Andrew Martin Showroom

Nimrod, 2010. Mixed Media on Masonite, 33" x 123". $12,000
Rent for $600 per month
Redhaus, 2010. Mixed Media on Masonite, 26" x 26". $2,700
Rent for $135 per month
JAMES KENNEDY's paintings address a fascination with essential structures and arrangements, while exploring the linguistics of music, mathematics, dance and architecture.
Take an afternoon next week to visit Kennedy's work at the Andrew Martin Showroom in the D and D Building, New York. His work, accompanied by all 20 KiptonART Rising Finalists, will be up through the end of the month. Hours: 10am-6pm Monday through Friday.

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