Monday, August 16, 2010

Take a Peek: "My Secret Garden" featuring the work of Suzy Kim

My Angel is Bowling #5, 2010, 16" Diameter, Acrylic, enamel, glitter, mica, palladium on canvas, $1,800

Spring Snow #2, 2010, 12"x16", 12"x16", Acrylic, enamel, glitter, mica, palladium on panel, $1,500

Cherry Blossom Girl #3, 2010, 20" Diameter, Acrylic, glitter, mica, Swarovski crystal on canvas, $1,800

KiptonART Artist Suzy Kim embraces fluorescent colors creating abstract florals rich with gesture. Kim hints at youth and play which compliment the works of fellow artists in the KiptonART group exhibition "My Secret Garden"."My Secret Garden" is now up through September 4th at the KiptonART Access Space located at 75 Wall Street.
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