Sunday, August 29, 2010

KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner & Photographer Kiritin Beyer receives The John Zenger Medal

KiptonART Rising 2010 Artist Kiritin Beyer will be honored September 29th at the Printing Industries Alliance's gala reception. She was recently awarded The John Peter Zenger Medal which is awarded to an individual employed in the graphic communications industry who has exhibited exemplary character in the form of selfless courage, charity, activism or service. Beyer is being honored for her work in Haiti and her project dedicated to rebuilding a school in Haiti. Congratulations Kiritin!

Pultru kuppam, 20"x20", Photography, $1,000
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Paragiini, 20"x20", Photography, $1,000
RENT FOR $50/Month (Earn $ Back)

The Cow Can Look At The Camera, 30"x30", Photography, $1,500
RENT FOR $75/Month (Earn $ Back)

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