Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Art on KiptonART: Djoma Dejumabaeva and Elenor Famutimi

Djoma Dejumabaeva, Leaf of Grapes, Oil on Canvas, $3,000
Elenor Famutimi, Rube, Sculpture, Acrylic on Canvas, 6"x6", $1200
 Everyday new work is uploaded to over 480 live KiptonART Artist profiles, which is featured on the KiptonART homepage.  Today, check out work by Elenor Famutimi, an active installation artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Djoma Dejumabaeva a new KiptonART artist who lives and works in Saint Petersburg while exhibiting in Denmark, Germany and Russia.

KiptonART Approved!

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