Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artist Dan Schwartz featured in "My Secret Garden"

Dan Schwartz, Red Rose, 2009. Mixed Media, acrylic on canvas, sculpture. 12"x9". $5,000
Dan Schwartz, Blooming and Blooming, 2007. Ink and watercolor on paper. 30"x30".  $5,000
Dan Schwartz, Whirling Reverie, 2007. Mixed Media, acrylic on canvas. 20"x20". $6,500

Artist Dan Schwartz takes a "lawless" approach to paint and his technique - no paint brush required. He places the emphasize on the process rather than the product. Schwartz believes, "The goal is to commune with a canvas so that the hand moves across it, without the mind directing it. That's where the magic happens."
Take a break this afternoon to check out Schwartz's experimentation with material and technique at 75 Wall Street. His work is currently showing in "My Secret Garden" up through the extended date, September 12th.

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