Saturday, July 17, 2010


KiptonART's own Emily Korman is currently showing at the Salomon Contemporary Warehouse, East Hampton Group Show, running through August 15, 2010. Below is an atmospheric shot of the gallery.

Artists included: Christopher Astley, Chick Bills, Dianne Blell, Phillip Estlund, Noah Becker, Pia Dehne, Jameson Ellis, Kimberley Hart, Bob Wade, Alexis Rockman, Marc Swanson, Guerra De La Paz, Tracey Baran, Sebastian Errazuriz, Alinka Echeverria, Robert S Neuman, Steven and William, Richard Pasquarelli, Holton Rower, Scott Hunt, Margaret Evangeline, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nono Bandera, Alice Hope, Walton Ford, Robert Beck, Skylar Fein, Charles Parness

Above, artwork by: Steven and William, Emily Korman, Richard Pasquarelli, Holton Rower

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  1. Excellent! I wish I could have seen the work up close and personal. I will take what I can get........virtual world or real one. I love the arts!