Saturday, June 19, 2010

KiptonART Featured Artist: Aphrodite Navab

Newly registered artist, Aphrodite Navab is a Persian photographer based in New York City. Her most recent work explores gender identity, taking on the form of a hermaphrodite in public. Aphrodite's work has invoked female suppression in both Eastern and Western culture, on a global scale. KiptonART caught up with Aphrodite to discuss her current influences and the future of her photography.

Who/what is your biggest influence or inspiration right now?
My cultures and my children are the two biggest sources of inspiration for me. I was born in Iran to an Iranian father and a Greek mother. Persian and Greek cultures have never ceased to influence and motivate me. The curiosity of my children and the way that they learn the world through their body, inspires me in my performance-based art and photography.
Read more of Aphrodite's Interview in KiptonART Magazine.

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