Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend Art Picks, New York

Andy Goldsworthy, New York Dirt Water Light

Andy Goldsworthy's paradoxical endeavor to depict nature in an urban environment is manifest in a series of photographs, video and sculpture that depict a harmonious synchronicity between the basic components named in the show's title and the frenzied energy in New York City. Although the artist's previous challenge was to work in symbiosis with idyllic rural surroundings, his current work engenders a corresponding reciprocity between dirt, water, light and pavement, once again unmasking the beauty in elements that form life's background. The ephemeral quality and cyclical themes of his work are communicated in each of the nine photographic suites, where familiar shapes in the form of puddles or his emblematic shaking line slowly transform and fade, dissipating as a natural result of their synergy with the city.

New York Dirt Water Light is on view through June 19th at Galerie Lelong 528 West 26th Street.

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