Tuesday, May 25, 2010

KiptonART Artist Peter Ketchum Showing at "The Hudson Guild"

Artist Peter Ketchum, who recently exhibited 140 works at the Norfolk Library in Connecticut, is currently displaying art in a group show at The Hudson Guild.  The exhibition "Walt Whitman's Calamus at 150" celebrates artwork that correlates to the writings written by the famous American poet 150 years ago.  The Calamus poems come from Whitman's poetry collection found in his book Leaves of Grass.  Many modern critics believe that these poems show Whitman's personal thoughts on the idea of homosexual love.  Ketchum's own work explores the beauty of many of society's taboos including sexuality, race and weight.  In the Hudson Guild exhibition, Ketchum's art hangs next to an Andy Warhol.  Both reveal young men physically embracing.

"Walt Whitman's Calamus at 150" at The Hudson Guild (441 West 26th St.) runs through June 1st

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KiptonART Approved!

Peter Ketchum, Walt Whitman 150 Anniversary, 30" x 20", Mixed Media/Acrylic on Canvas

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