Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Kipton Specials" Thursday featuring work by KiptonART 2010 Rising Winner, Kiritin Beyer

Every Thursday KiptonART is offering the "Kipton Specials" for a selected KiptonART artist. Today take advantage of this very special promotion and receive a 25 percent discount on artist Kiritin Beyer's work. Acting as a true photo-journalist, Beyer captures everyday life around the world.  Most recently she traveled down to Haiti and is working on rebuilding a school in the country, documenting the harsh struggles of an enduring people. Between the hours of 12noon and 4pm today, you can either request a piece of Beyer's work or purchase the work to receive the "Kipton Special".

Click here to go to Kiritin Beyer's portfolio
KiptnART Approved!
Kiritin Beyer, Auroville, 20" x 20", C-print

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