Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gallery 9E: Recent Works by Nan Swid and Donald Kaufman

Great things come in small packages or in this case, packaging supplies.  Gloriously textured art front lines the group exhibition of recent works by Nan Swid and Donald Kaufman.  Though at 9E Gallery for only a few short days (from May 6 to May 9), the two artists have a friendship that spans over twenty-five years.  Swid's own use of crinkled cellophane, tape and foil conjures the aftermath of a holiday gift-opening ceremony, an ambiance similar to the current day when all that remains is a mess from material greed. Orgies of entangled stuff, such as decadent gold leaf, playfully build upon each other under glass and frame.

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Photograph courtesy of Rodini Banica: Nan Swid, Preamble Gold (2010), 11" x 14.5" x 2", Disassembled Book Paper, Gold Leaf, Fabric and Tape.

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