Monday, May 17, 2010

Featured Artist Interview: Ula Einstein

KiptonART interviewed the always-innovative Ula Einstein about her inspirations, artwork and the future. Einstein, who was a KiptonART Rising 2010 Finalist, is currently one of the twelve artists displaying work in the KiptonART pop-up space at 32 Greene Street.

Who/what is your biggest influence or inspiration right now?
The global/cosmic landscape. I'm inspired to stay tuned living and creating from the inside out in the middle of uncertainty, chance and the ephemeral: which I explore in my work. Morning shadows on the ceilings, bird sounds, and integral philosophy are all influential. I'm inspired to keep asking, 'What does new mean in art and our human experience?' text interests me: I'm inspired by the power of words to connect, mistake, or clarify. Paradox and dichotomy continue to interest me creatively. If art is about making the invisible visible, I'm inspired to contemplate what that means more deeply. I blend the synthetic and the natural; my hybrid work is influenced by the cycles found in nature- from incubation, vitalization and beautiful decay. yet I'm interested in what we can create beyond our cultural conditioning. Read this interview in KiptonART Magazine.

Left, Ula Einstein at the KiptonART Urban Utopia Opening

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