Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Other Artist is Present

The Other Artist is Present, an Interview with Amir Baradaran

In KiptonART's last newsletter, Sarah Basile covered the opening of Marina Abramovic's latest performance peice "The Artist is Present", currently being held at New York City's MoMA. The exhibot allows viewers to interact with the silent Marina by sitting at a table across from where she sits. Artist Amir Baradaran successfully sneaks in multiple cameras and documents his emotion experience in four short clips. There are messages in every action. Clearly Abramovic understands all he is conveying as her emotions are caught by the hidden cameras. Here are questions that Baradaran answered about this work titled The Other Artist is Present, one that eventually led to the young artist being escorted out of the building.

Read this interview in KiptonART Magazine.
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Above,  Marina Abramovic and Amir Baradaran face each other

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