Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend Art Picks, New York

Projects 92: Yin Xiuchen

The first U.S. installation of Yin Xiuchen's large-scale sculpture Collective Subconscious (2007) creates a refuge within the harried space of midtown and a place for conversation and contemplation. MoMA visitors are invited to climb inside the caterpiller-like construction, which is actually a minivan lengthened to 38 feet via a central tube and covered in a patchwork of secondhand garments. The work depicts Xiuchen's fascination with the rapid social and environmental changes in urban China, as communal discussions and shared property have been eclipsed by aspirations of individual material success.

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Yin Xiuzhen. Collective Subconscious. 2007. 
Minibus, stainless steel, used clothes, stools, music.
Collection of the artist. Copyright 2010 Yin Xiuzhen

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