Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Art Picks, New York

Lies Maculan's "The Dream Shop"
March 11th through March 31st
30 W. 21st, New York, NY By Appointment

Aptly named "The Dream Shop", the photo-realistic room installation houses over one hundred dreams, desires and wishes that have been objectified and placed in wooden shelves. This large-scale installation occupies an entire room as an integral whole but also can be broken down shelf by shelf. The deliberate arrangement of objects relative to one another and the printing of the photographs in the subjects original size give the installation a three dimensionality while the below eye-level prespective imparts a surrealistic experience.
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Kipton Cronkite Approved!

Above, Lies Maculan, The Dreamer, C-Print 140cm x 200cm

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