Saturday, March 6, 2010

PARKCHOONMOO Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

International fashion designer Choonmoo Park was been at the forefront of Korean design since 1988, when she launched her first label, DEMOO. Subsequently, she launched her eponymous line, PARKCHOONMOO. Responding to high demand, the designer opened her first retail store in 1988 in trendy Apgujungdong (Korea) and expanded quickly into other Asian markets. Since then, her designs have become iconic of a modern, architectural and yet fluid style. Having majored in industrial design at Hong-Ik University and studies fashion design at Kookje Fashion School, Park's industrial design roots are evident in her fashion designs and have defined her compelling aesthetic.

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Above, PARKCHOONMOO Fall/Winter 2010 Collection
Courtesy of Shin Advisors, LLC.

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