Friday, March 26, 2010

KiptonART ART TALK with Designer Kirsten Lombardi

Designer Kristen Lombari is the maker behind Manimal moccasins, jewelry and bags. Manimal goods are made by hand with a deep appreciation for the almost forgotten world of artisan crafts and craftsmanship.

Who are your favorite KiptonART artists? Why?

 I really love the work of Myriam Abdelaziz. I appreciate the opportunity photographers like this provide, allowing me to experience the vitality of far away lands through such exquisite documents.
I wish I had the pleasure of adorning my walls with the paintings of Lucy Kirkman and Mark Perry (a fellow Rhode Islander). The poetic scenes in Kirkman's paintings present a story I really feel I can involve myself in, and the smokey landscapes of Perry's work are so perfectly beautiful and succinct.

Read more of Kristen Lombardi's ART TALK in KiptonART Magazine.
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