Thursday, March 11, 2010

KiptonART ART TALK with Author Eve Pell

Who are your favorite KiptonART artists? Why?

Kiritin Beyer: For the mix of dignity and intimacy that pervades her subjects, whether old people in the Pyrenees or children in (what looks to be) Southeast Asia. She connects with the people in her gallery, and so do I --even though I will never meet them. I am glad she has documented their lives and their culture.

Ronzo Ortega: What a wonderful mix of ancient and modern! He imbues his mythic scenes and people with a Byzantine ethos; his use of color and form convey power and depth of feeling. I wanted to see more.

Jade Doskow: I am moved by the powerful interplay of forms in her photos and strong sense of place that comes through. She discerns the drama inherent in structures that positively explode from the frame. And she pulls the viewer into the scenes, so that I feel that I am sharing her amazing vision.

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