Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Art Picks, New York

Hiroto Rakusho x Ralph Rucci - Closes Saturday February 27th
Onishi Gallery - 521 W. 26th St

Hiroto Rakusho
 was born in the city of Kyoto, with prior international exhibitions held in famed museums such as The Louvre in Paris. Rakusho is an expert at metal leafing, an artistry skill that has existed in the Land of the Rising Sun for centuries. Moon Light Magic is a trio of seemingly ceramic made bowls dipped in acrylic. In actuality the clay fixtures are of paper coated in textured silver leafing representing three phases of the moon. Using his body as the brush, renowned designer Ralph Rucci formed a 10 panel life-size series spanning the entire back wall of the impressive Chelsea space. Harmonious movement flows through the work Creating Myself, 1957 – 2010. This play on material and deceptive construction bridges together the works by Rucci and Rakusho nicely.

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Top: Hiroto Rakusho's Moon Light Magic

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