Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend Art Picks, New York

Sterling Ruby, 2TRAPS

Sterling Ruby's first solo show at Pace Wildenstein expounds his ongoing fascination with the themes of confinement and repression on what is at first glance an exceptionally literal level. To delve deeper into the psyche that created the two large-scale structures, "Pig Pen" and "Bus", one must step inside them and experience Ruby's version of isolation on an individual level. The installation defines several years of the artist's work that has employed divergent media and subject matter while maintaining a remarkably cohesive thematic composition. 

2TRAPS is on view through March 20th at Pace Wildenstein, 545 West 22nd Street

Above,  Sterling Ruby
Installation View of Pig Pen and Bus
PIG PEN, 2009-2010
Steel with Hardware and Spray Paint
Overall Installation: 9' 2" x  9'  x  41' 9" 
BUS, 2010
bus, electrical cunduit, foam, speakers, spray paint, stainless steel, spheres, steel, sub-woofers, 
T5 fluorescent light fixtures, T5 bulbs, tires and vinyl
9'  4" x  8' x  40' 11"
Copyright Sterling Ruby, Courtesy Pace Wildenstein, New York
Photo by: G.R. Christmas/Courtesy Pace Wildenstein, New York

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