Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Power of Muze Concert: Supporting the United Nations

Anisha Lakhani, Susan Bond, Dasha Brave, Beata Bohman

 Michael Okwu, Maya Beiser, Tomo Nomua

 Alexander Dexter Jones, Ann Dexter Jones, Mick Jones

The Human Security Association's first ever Power of Muze concert filled Zankel Hall last week at Carnegie Hall. This concert is just the beginning of a new initiative that aims to raise awareness of security issues worldwide and provide a platform for future programs to bring music and hope to communities under stress. Contemporary cellist Maya Beiser and world renowned opera singers Asako Tamura and Mari Moriya were featured performers.

HSA is a Tokyo/New York based non-profit organization founded by Tomo Nomura, the private sector's non-profit correspondent to the efforts made by the UN to advance Human Security. HSA's missions is to raise awareness of the UN's Human Security global initiatives through media, celebrity and influencer advocacy.

Images Courtesy of Shin Advisors, LLC

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