Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Third/Fourth Day

Georges Chakra delivered his "Editions" line worthy of its audience. With all the lace and heavy metallic beading it was screaming Eastern European oligarch. The inspiration came from another continent entirely. Luco Fontana an Argentinien painter and sculpture is famed for beginning the spatialism movement in the mid 1940's. Spatialist art is designed to capture movement by eradicating popular mediums such as easels and paint. Fontana's art showed "the real space of the world" most popularly seen in the slashing of canvases. Chakra's asymmetrical necklines with sheer paneled overlays resembled this technique, though his use of the space around was minimal with sheath gowns and mini dresses.

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Photo: Georges Chakra red/KiptonART

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