Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Second Day

Attending the finale of Project Runway at Bryant Park there is an expectancy of discovering which final three designers made it to the end. With the season having aired only the first five episodes that secret would surely get out.  Guests were fooled as ten designers presented, not knowing who was safe and who kissed "Auf Wiedersehen".  It was all hush-hush, indubitably the longest show of the week, lasting for an hour. As this was first and foremost a TV taping, stills were shot of the judges walking down the runway--with Faith Hill as guest judge. Heidi greeted the audience with her quirky cheerfulness in a markedly Germanic tone as the lights dimmed and the first designer appeared. Rather than going over each designer (and ruining what may appear on television) it will be better suited to mention the highlights, both good and bad.

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Image: Project Runway design

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