Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Featured Artist Interview: Vincent Edmond Louis

KiptonART interviewed newly joined artist Vincent Edmond Louis about his work, life and inspiration.

Q: Why do you work in this medium?
From a young age I have been visually intrigued by all images: films, tv shows, comic books, art books, etc... I took a camera on my first trip to India when I was 12 and still go over the images. I hope to compare them upon my return this summer. The reason why I paint and write on my photographs stems from living with my Vietnamese grandmother. Every time we go through photo albums or a shoe box full of pictures we have to turn the image around to see when it was taken, and who was in it, to understand the story. So I thought I should write the story on the front of the photograph. I have the space, considering that my photographs are 20 times larger then the ones she has from years past. Why not allow my imagination to run and add color to black and white pictures?

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Photo courtesy of Danny Cardozo

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