Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion Week Kick-Off Honoring the Artistic Designs by Ralph Rucci

Artists are rarely revered until they mature. Fashion designers, artisans of works lived in rather than stared at, are treated quite differently. They are searched out, discovered as young visionaries making trends dated or re-modernized. As seen of late, historic fashion houses have gone bankrupt, while the new sore. "Fashion is a profession that discards elders as if (they were) trash," Mr. Rucci explains through the phone. "Galanos, Ungaro…so many of the designers that retire end up this way."  A renowned work of Marc Chagall quality represents an enriching past, a renowned work of Marc Jacobs style reveals the present or, even more valued, the future of fashion. If not discovered while young then there may be no hope. Perhaps why Ralph Rucci had to wait some time before recognition is because rather than strictly being a designer he is foremost, with everything, an artist.

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Image Above: Runway shot from Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2010, New YorkImage Courtesy of KiptonART

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