Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Filmmakers Journey Continues: The Film Festival Circut

Today begins the Sundance Film Festival. Take a look at an inside story on "The Film Festival Circut" with movie director Max Nova and his film The Shaman's Apprentice, produced largely in part by Kipton Cronkite.

Almost a year after the premier of my new film, The Shaman's Apprentice, we are reaching the end of the festival circuit and I am very thankful for the positive responses that the film has received. The film, which was made possible in part by executive producer, Kipton Cronkite, has screened at ten film festivals so far in five different states. The Shaman's Apprentice, is a short narrative fiction film about belief and spirituality, focusing on the interaction between a western anthropologist and the subject of his study, a mysterious shaman healer. It was shot entirely in my hometown, Boulder, Colorado.- Max Nova

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Image: Poster of The Shaman's Apprentice

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