Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Fe, New Mexico Continues to Dominate as 2nd Largest Art Market in U.S.

Over the next few months, KiptonART will take you on a journey to the New Mexico region where we will cover the art market and introduce you to some local art galleries. This is a brief introduction to kick-off the coverage.

High above New Mexico's broken mesas, a glittering and elusive hamlet sits perched atop the vast and haunting Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Santa Fe, meaning "Holy City", is ranked as the second largest art market - in terms of sales - in the United States. This 400-year-old capital traces its beginnings to the Camino Real, where it served as an international art hub for Spain's expansive trade network in Europe, Asia and the America's during the Colonial era. Today, a resplendent treasure trove of creativity, Santa Fe's culture economy, worth more than $1 Billion in receipts annually, is a livelihood for many residents.  Designer Tom Ford once said on Charlie Rose that if he had just six months to live he would surely "jump on a plane and go to Santa Fe."

Read more about Santa Fe and meet one of the local art galleries.

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