Thursday, December 17, 2009

i AM for video debut

People of New York, Who Are You? By leaving a small white board with the words “I Am” scribed on its surface KiptonART catches on camera answers from a diverse group of the city’s partygoers, artists and patrons. Everyone involved has different takes on the Zen-like idea of themselves. At first those proclaiming to be stylist, art lover and such write the self-declarations in secretive dear diary form. Eventually, public displays of announcements appear with groups proudly declaring support for fellow peers and artists.  “The World is Art”, stated by acclaimed author Anisha Lakhani reminds viewers that we are all creative forces whether you are like “Fabulous Designer” Amy Smilovic of fashion line Tibi or “Jeweler” Laetitia Stanfield. KiptonART bridges talented multi-media artists with vast amounts of people globally.  Chessy Wilson’s message “Art Makes Good Business” is supported by the likes of “Art Collector” Paul Slater and “Entrepreneur” tea maven Tracy Stern and "Public Relations" guru Liz Walker. Founder Kipton Cronkite “I AM: KiptonART” has developed an online gallery that allows users to view and purchase works directly while being logged into their account. Investing not only into their future but also into the future of artists.  Most importantly, “Artists Need You” is warmly delivered by Fine Arts expert Sarah Basile following fellow supporter “Museum Goer” Dabney Mercer and “Curator” Anastasia Rogers. KiptonART has over 200 artists with unique profiles fully updated with biographies, exhibitions and press. Artists are looking for collectors in order to keep creating.  Be a “Colorful Thinker” as Kwesi Blair writes. Join others who support artists such as “Photog” Michael Kwiecinski by logging into KiptonART let us know who you are!

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