Thursday, December 10, 2009

ART TALK with Nina Freudenberger, Interviewed by Kipton Cronkite

What are your favorite piece/pieces or artists on
I am really drawn to the work by James Kennedy, both to the simple color palette as well as to the juxtaposition of his two artistic styles. The architectural sensibility in the works "Bracket" and "Choreography 3" and the emotional expression in his pieces "Ominous" and "Incident" show both the diversity as an artist as well as the ability to be stylistically flexible.

How would you describe your style in your home?
Being an interior designer and surrounded on a regular basis with infinite choices of color and texture, I focused on keeping my home neutral in palette. To keep it interesting, I used a tonal striation on my walls but made sure to layer graphic patterns which are simple yet bold. Being trained in architecture, I have a love for classic pieces which provide inspiration for perfection in form and design, such as the Saarinen table and the Barcelona chairs by Mies van der Rohe.

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Image courtesy of Nina Freudenberger.

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