Friday, December 18, 2009

14-day free trial of art on KiptonART Begins Now

Our own, Paul Seftel, has created beautiful original watercolor compositions just in time for the holidays!  For only $985, take home a beautiful gift of art for your loved one!  Seftel creates highly original work using raw pigments and mixed media to finding hidden forms and messages in process oriented techniques. These compositions watercolors on fine artist paper were created by suspending pigments in ice cubes and manipulating the melting process.  

Kipton Cronkite announced the new e-Commerce capabilities in November which have begun to streamline the art buying process allowing artists direct access to collectors.  Collectors are able to browse through hundreds of top emerging artists and request up to a 14-day free trial period to 'live' with the works of art before purchase.  "I wanted to give collectors direct access to artists and our e-Commerce technology allows direct contact with the artists and a chance to live with the work before paying for it," Cronkite stated. To get started, collectors simply log into KiptonART's secure server after a brief registration.  Once artist selections are chosen, a submission request is processed with an online notification automatically delivered to the artist creating a buy or loan opportunity.  Each artist approval is either approved or denied by the artist.  For approval requests, the clock begins and art is scheduled for delivery.  "We even have artists selling original work for a few hundred dollars and up," Cronkite emphasizes, "It's important for clients of KiptonART to have an opportunity to buy quality work at a fair price." 

*Shipping charges apply
Above Image: Rising Son, 12 x 16 inches

Read more about Paul Seftel in our artist gallery

Kipton Cronkite Approved!

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