Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ART TALK with Elisabeth Saint-Amand: Interview by Kipton Cronkite

Elisabeth Saint-Amand
Principal, Saint-Amand Landscape Design, LLC

What is your favorite piece on KiptonART? Why?
Jade Doskow's "Chicago 1893 World's Fair, The Columbian Exposition, Site of Manufacture Liberal Arts Building, Grand Peristyle, and Agriculture Building, View 2, 2009." Jade's works provoke what historian Simon Schama describes in Landscape and Memory as the persistence of myth. Our physical environment is imprinted with the legacy of human ingenuity over time, so that derelict sites speak as much to their moment of glory as to the effects of decay/corrosion.  Jade has developed a body of work dedicated to World's Fair sites, where few of even the most celebrated constructions retain any semblance of their original splendor. In the case of her Chicago 1893 World's Fair photo, only signs of a disturbed ecological condition remain. The impact is that this disturbed condition is stunning. I could only describe the scene of golden shrubs as resonant; the soft massing is melodic in surreal, theatrical light.

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Kipton Cronkite Approved!
Special thanks to Elisabeth for speaking with KiptonART.
Image courtesy of Nick D'Emilio.

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