Saturday, November 21, 2009

ART TALK with Catherine Forbes: Interview by Kipton Cronkite

What are your favorite piece/pieces or artists on
Sabina Forbes II is a favorite artist…not just because she is my sister.  I am awed by her process and innovation.  James Kennedy has many great pieces.  I was initially attracted by the architectural quality of much of his work, but the piece that has made the biggest impression on me is Citadel—it evokes Turner, a favorite. Debra Frieden's photos have impact. I’m especially partial to Torso 3.

How would you describe your style in your home?
Eclectic warmth dictated by my various passions. I have a portrait of Churchill next to works by my grandfather, sisters, photos I've taken on my travels, historic and sports memorabilia, and drawings by nieces, nephews, and godchildren.

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Kipton Cronkite Approved!
Photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan.

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