Monday, November 30, 2009

DARE To Threesome by Kipton Cronkite

Last week I saw the triumphant indie film, DARE (2009) which explores natural temptations of sexual boundaries and how the smallest things one does can impact others.  I believe DARE will become 2010’s sure fire cult hit not seen since Cruel Intentions (1999) and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986).  Distributed by Image Entertainment and set in a wealthy suburb, DARE boldly explores the lives of three high school seniors at the crossroads of their adult lives trying to figure out love, rejection and obsession while uncovering how people on the surface are not always who they seem.  The word-of-mouth buzz surrounding DARE has helped it to become one of the most hotly anticipated DVD’s scheduled for release in February 2010.  The two male characters, Zach Gilford (TV’s Friday Night Lights), Ashley Springer (Teeth) and the luminous Emmy Rossum (The Day After Tomorrow, The Phantom of the Opera) head up a stellar cast including Ana Gasteyer (Mean Girls), Rooney Mara (A Nightmare on Elm Street, 2010), comedienne Sandra Bernhard (TV's Roseanne) and Alan Cumming (X2: X-Men United).   The plot begins when a pompous actor tells good girl Alexa (Rossum) that she hasn't lived, she embarks on a bold journey that takes her to mysterious bad boy Johnny (Gilford). Envious, her shy best friend Ben (Springer) also dares to pursue Johnny, complicating Alexa's romance and pushing the boundaries among the three friends.  Johnny, a sexy heartthrob desired by both creates heat and on-screen chemistry between Alexa and Ben who stop at nothing to get Johnny to have sex with them. Over the centuries, pushing boundaries is something our ancestors did quite easily.  DARE gives us hope that the MTV Generation will continue to embrace change and push the door wide open reinforcing it’s okay to go outside our comfort zone.  DARE is a film that encourages and inspires while demonstrating the basic beauty of loving openly… whether with a man or a woman…or both.  Read the full article in the KiptonART Online Magazine!

Photography Auction Tomorrow to Support Cambodian Children's Hospital

13th Annual Friends Friends of Friends Photography Auction
Benefiting Angkor Hospital for Children

Tuesday December 1, 2009
6 PM - 7 PM : Preview and Cocktail Reception
7 PM - 8:30 PM : Live Auction

Metropolitan Pavilion
123 W. 18th Street, 5th Floor - The Level
New York, NY 10011

Friends Without A Border is committed to improving the health and well being of the bhildren of Cambodia by providing quality medical care, extensive outreach and crucial medical education through Angkor Hospital for Children.

Read more on tomorrow's auction in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
Kipton Cronkite Approved!
Image courtesy of Friends Without A Border.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Iceland & Japan: The Art of Two Volcanic Island Nations in NY

Volcano Lovers - From Iceland and Japan
November 13, 2009 - January 2, 2010
ISE Cultural Foundation, 555 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present "Volcano Lovers - from Iceland and Japan" collaborative exhibition of Icelandic curator Birta Guojonsdottir and Japanese curator Shinya Watanabe.

Although the historical connection between Iceland and Japan has not been close in the past, these two island nations share obvious cultural and geographic parallels. They are located at the west and east poles of Eurasia, respectively, and have both been greatly influenced by having volcanoes as a prominent part of their natural terrain. This exhibition aspires to capture the energy and emotions that lie under the surface of minimalist expressions for these two different nations with similar backgrounds. These works subtly explore sensory experience, relativity, and the complexities of daily rituals. 

Both nations share an experience of the power and energy of earth's transformation, construction, and deconstruction. In other words, earth is created in Iceland, and perishes in Japan.

Read more on Volcano Lovers in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
Kipton Cronkite Approved!
Image courtesy of ISE Cultural Foundation.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dan Flavin's Flourescent Structures at David Zwirner

Dan Flavin: Series and Progressions 
November 5 - December 19, 2009
David Zwirner, 525 W. 19th Street, New York, NY 10011

David Zwirner is pleased to present Dan Flavin: Series and Progressions, the first exhibition of the artist's work at the gallery since having announced its representation of the Estate of Dan Flavin. From 1963, when he conceived the diagonal of May 25, 1963 (to Constantin Brancusi), a single gold, fluorescent lamp that hangs on a diagonal on the wall - a work which marks the artist's first use of fluorescent light alone, until his death in 1996, Flavin produced a singularly consistent and prodigious body of work that utilized commercially-available fluorescent lamps to create installations of light and color.

Curated by Tiffany Bell, this exhibition will examine Flavin's use of progressions and serial structures, ideas that were central to the artist's practice throughout his career. Flavin has been credited with being "one of the first artists to make use of a basically progressional procedure," and the systematic arrangement of color and light fixtures was an aspect of his work that not only led to it being characterized as Minimal art but which moreover influenced Conceptual artistic practices.

Read more on Dan Flavin in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
Kipton Cronkite Approved!
Image courtesy of David Zwirner. Image: (From left to right) untitled (for John Heartfield) 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 1990, red and blue flourescent lights; untitled (to Helga and Carlo, with respect and affection), 1974, blue flourescent light

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from the KiptonART Team

The KiptonART Team wishes you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

This holiday season share holiday cheer with the unique and personal gift of art. In view of the holiday season, KiptonART is offering free curatorial services to help provide you and your loved ones with the perfect art treasure.

KiptonART curatorial services include:
- In-person or phone meetings with the KiptonART team
- Studio visits with artists
- Delivery and viewing of work pre-purchase
- Framing consultation and service
- Worldwide art delivery
    Contact the KiptonART team and begin your holiday shopping today!

    Read more in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image: Bob Johnson, Giving Thanks, 30 x 20 in., Photography, $500

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    Paul McCarthy Draws the Other Side of Snow White at Hauser & Wirth New York

    Paul McCarthy: WHITE SNOW
    November 4 - December 24, 2009
    Hauser & Wirth New York, 32 E. 69th St., New York, NY 10021

    Hauser & Wirth New York will present WHITE SNOW, a group of never before seen pieces from a new body of work by Paul McCarthy, drawing upon the famous 19th century German folk tale 'Snow White' ('Schneewittchen') and commenting upon the modern interpretation of the story in Disney's beloved 1937 animated classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    The exhibit will be comprised of two sets of drawings made by the artist since late 2008. The first is a selection of diminutive black and white pencil works as detailed, atmospheric and unapologetically lovely as Old Master drawings. Here, Paul McCarthy develops his characters - the young Snow White masturbating in a solitary romantic reverie, various phallic-nosed dwarfs in a dither at the arrival of the beautiful stranger in their midst - as players in a sly yet poignant coming-of-age narrative packing a metaphorical wallop. The images touch upon myriad dark associations invited by the Snow White tale while simultaneously suggesting a love story with profound personal resonance for the artist.

    By turns heartbreaking and wickedly witty, these intimate works provide the foil for a second set of images - more than a dozen massive drawings, ranging in height from 7 to 10 feet and incorporating pages torn from auction catalogues, illustrated books, tabloids and pornographic magazines. McCarthy created these enormous, fiercely gestural and unstintingly funny drawings through a performative process - walking around and into his picture plane, coming from different directions toward paper stretched out on specially constructed tables while intermittently speaking aloud "in a sort of trance", in a recorded monologue of words and sounds.

    Read more on WHITE SNOW in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image courtesy of Hauser & Wirth New York.
    Paul McCarthy, Inside Her Ordeal, 2009, Oil stick, charcoal, and collage on paper, 127 x 81 in

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Avery McCarthy Photographs the Sublime of the Everyday

    Featured Artist: Avery McCarthy
    2010 KiptonART Rising Artist

    For the past several years, Avery has been working on two major projects. The first, "There Are No Stars Here", finds Kandinsky-inspired abstract compositions in the artificial lighting of modern cities like New York and Berlin, where the light pollution blocks out all the real stars in the sky. The second, "The Theory of Everything", is directly inspired by Brian Greene's book on String Theory, "The Elegant Universe". This project digitally appropriates conceptual and scientific imagery, creating equivalence between the many different concepts by placing all the images in a black void and printing them in a traditional black and white darkroom. These projects raise and deal with humanity's largest and most epic questions, while creating elegant and contemporary visual art that is only enriched by the project backstory.

    Why do you work in this medium? 
    I work in this medium because a long time ago I decided to give it a try. I fell in love with making art long after I fell in love with making photographs. I love the process, product, and respect that is associated with photography. After so many years working with the materials, I feel far more comfortable expressing myself with them than any other medium. The act of photographing has become almost like eating or filling a car with gas - sometimes I do it and relish it, other times I do it because I can't not.

    Read more in Avery McCarthy in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Visit McCarthy's KiptonART profile.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image: "There Are No Stars Here III," 20 x 20 in., Photography.

    Sunday, November 22, 2009

    Berlin Wall Honored and Replicated at LA's Wende Museum

    Monday, November 9th marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Los Angeles, Berlin's sister city, celebrated the night before with its own "fall of the wall."  The gala was hosted by The Wende Museum whose exhibit The Wall Project features two walls: the Wall Along Wilshire and the Wall Across Wilshire. The Wall Along Wilshire is a 40 foot stretch of the actual Berlin Wall known as the Eastside Gallery.  This segment was made famous by various artists who came from all over the world to paint along the wall.  It is the longest segment of the Berlin Wall outside of Berlin. The wall is currently on display at 5900 Wilshire Boulevard and is part of The Wende Museum's permanent collection. The Wall Across Wilshire is an 80 foot stylized replica of the Berlin Wall painted by Shepard Fairey, a variety of graffiti artists, as well as art faculty and students from USC, UCLA and LMU. At midnight on Sunday, November 8th, this specially designed wall "fell" as crowds cheered celebrating 20 years of the unification of East and West Berlin.

    Read more on The Wall Project in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved.
    Photo courtesy of The Wende Museum.
    Photo: A portion of the Eastern Gallery

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    ART TALK with Catherine Forbes: Interview by Kipton Cronkite

    What are your favorite piece/pieces or artists on
    Sabina Forbes II is a favorite artist…not just because she is my sister.  I am awed by her process and innovation.  James Kennedy has many great pieces.  I was initially attracted by the architectural quality of much of his work, but the piece that has made the biggest impression on me is Citadel—it evokes Turner, a favorite. Debra Frieden's photos have impact. I’m especially partial to Torso 3.

    How would you describe your style in your home?
    Eclectic warmth dictated by my various passions. I have a portrait of Churchill next to works by my grandfather, sisters, photos I've taken on my travels, historic and sports memorabilia, and drawings by nieces, nephews, and godchildren.

    Read more ART TALK with Catherine Forbes in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan.

    Friday, November 20, 2009

    Kipton Cronkite Interviews Donna Karan on her Urban Zen Foundation

    Donna Karan speaks with Kipton Cronkite on her Urban Zen Foundation, which, among many unique missions, advocates a healthy, strong, and peaceful mind for a healthy body.

    Using her busy lifestyle, [Karan] has managed to leverage her experience to create the Urban Zen Foundation, a public charity dedicated to promoting patient advocacy and well-being, empowering children, and preserving cultures. The Foundation also has three retail stores that sell the Urban Zen Clothing Collection designed by Donna Karan, as well as other lifestyle goods, including furniture from Bali and handcrafted African jewelry. Ten percent of all sales benefit the foundation.

    Years ago, Karan became inspired to take on this cause as she witnessed her husband Stephan Weiss lose his battle with lung cancer. She began to realize the importance of having a treatment plan in place that focused both on mind and body. During his treatment, she created a plan that included meditation, acupuncture, nutrition, and yoga, which helped his lungs expand and allowed him to breathe better.

    Read the full article on Donna Karan's Urban Zen Foundation in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image courtesy of Quest Magazine.

    "A Passion For Giving": Philanthropy Plays a Leading Role

    Leading philanthropists and society insiders joined hosts Phillip Bloch, Jennifer Creel, Gillian Hearst Simonds, Albert Maysles, Christophe de Menil, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Renee Rockefeller, Susan Shin, Mary Alice Stephenson and Lucy Sykes Rellie in the stunning Pool Room Terrace of The Four Seasons Restaurant last night for Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur's special screening of "A Passion for Giving," a film by Robin Baker Leacock. The 50 minute documentary feature film takes an in-depth look at the importance of giving, the passion and dedication of those who do give and philanthropy's impact globally whether on a grand scale or in a simple act of kindness.

    Albert Maysles introduced the much awaited film and guests such as Lisa Anastos, Marisa Arredondo, Maggie Betts, Geoffrey Bradfield, Henry Buhl, Christine Cachot, Kipton Cronkite, Katherine Cohen, Lauren Ezersky, Elizabeth Fekkai, Kimberly Guilfoyle,  Kalliope Karella, Barry and Karen Kieselstein-Cord, Anisha Lakhani, Euan Rellie, Lady Sharon Sondes, Tracy Stern, Sonja Tremont Morgan, Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren were enraptured.

    Read more in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved.
    Photo courtesy of PMC Jackie Snow.
    Photo: (L to R) Catherine Malandrino, Pialy Aditya, Thuy Diep

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    ART TALK with Genevieve Bahrenburg: Interview by Kipton Cronkite

    What are your favorite pieces or artists on Why?
    James Kennedy's Hoist and Sarah Dueth's The Wedding. I love the use of color and both are emotionally stirring, in very different ways.

    What was the last exhibition you saw?
    Cy Twombly at Gagosian and Georgia O'Keefe at the Whitney.

    How would you describe your style in your home?
    Muscular minimalism with an inordinate amount of black and white photography and coffee table art books.

    What artist has most influenced or inspired you in life?
    Tough question, I can't pick one. Edith Wharton, Fitzgerald, Avedon, T.S. Eliot, Motherwell and Picasso.

    Read more in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved.
    Image courtesy of Patrick McMullan.

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    ARTWALK NY 2009 Brings Out Socially Active Celebs

    Commanding the stage at last night's ARTWALK NY 2009 benefit, Eliza Osborne of Sotheby's addressed an art-savvy crowd which included Donald Baechler, Anh Duong, Lisa Anastos and Lydia Fenet. The evening raised in excess of $650,000 and was attended by over 850 guests, making the event the most successful in the history of Coalition for the Homeless, the evening's cause and one of the city's most inspiring charities. The attendees' exuberance stemmed from the impressive collection of works for sale, featuring legendary artists Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, and the evening's illustrious honoree, Pat Steir. Each of the ten lots was donated by the artists in support of the evening's charity. Co-chairs Alec Baldwin and Carey Lowell, Tate Donovan, and Sam Trammell of HBO's True Blood congregated at the enticing tasting tables from NYC mainstays Da Silvano, Indochine, Michael's and Scuderia. Latecomers included Narciso Rodriguez, Catherine Forbes, Lauren Remington Platt and Minnie Mortimer.

    Read more on ARTWALK NY in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image: Narcisco Rodriguez. Image courtesy of Guest of a Guest.

    Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    Tim Burton at the MoMA - Highly Anticipated Retrospective of Film & Art

    Tim Burton
    November 22, 2009 - April 26, 2010


    The Museum of Modern Art
    presents Tim Burton, a major retrospective exploring the full scale of Tim Burton's career, both as a director and concept artist for live-action and animated films, and as an artist, illustrator, photographer, and writer. The exhibition brings together over 700 examples of sketchbooks, concept art, drawings, paintings, photographs, and a selection of his amateur films, and is the Museum's most comprehensive monographic exhibition devoted to a filmmaker. An extensive film retrospective spanning Burton's 27-year career runs throughout the exhibition, along with a related series of films that influenced, inspired, and intrigued Burton as a filmmaker. Tim Burton is organized by Ron Magliozzi, Assistant Curator, and Jenny He, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Film, with Rajendra Roy, The Celeste Bartos Chief Curator of Film, The Museum of Modern Art. Tim Burton is sponsored by Syfy.

    The film retrospective Tim Burton presents Burton's entire cinematic oeuvre of 14 feature films, eleven of which are in MoMA's film collection. These 14 feature films - Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985), Beetlejuice (1988), Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Batman Returns (1992), Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), Ed Wood (1994), Mars Attacks! (1996), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Planet of the Apes (2001), Big Fish (2003),
    Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (2005), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)—will be screened over the course of the five-month exhibition in the Museum’s Roy and Niuta Titus Theaters, along with his early short films Vincent (1982) and Frankenweenie (1984).

    Read more on the exhibit in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!

    Image courtesy of the MoMA.
    Image: Tim Burton, Blue Girl With Wine, 1997, Oil on Canvas

    ART TALK with Elisabeth Saint-Amand: Interview by Kipton Cronkite

    Elisabeth Saint-Amand
    Principal, Saint-Amand Landscape Design, LLC

    What is your favorite piece on KiptonART? Why?
    Jade Doskow's "Chicago 1893 World's Fair, The Columbian Exposition, Site of Manufacture Liberal Arts Building, Grand Peristyle, and Agriculture Building, View 2, 2009." Jade's works provoke what historian Simon Schama describes in Landscape and Memory as the persistence of myth. Our physical environment is imprinted with the legacy of human ingenuity over time, so that derelict sites speak as much to their moment of glory as to the effects of decay/corrosion.  Jade has developed a body of work dedicated to World's Fair sites, where few of even the most celebrated constructions retain any semblance of their original splendor. In the case of her Chicago 1893 World's Fair photo, only signs of a disturbed ecological condition remain. The impact is that this disturbed condition is stunning. I could only describe the scene of golden shrubs as resonant; the soft massing is melodic in surreal, theatrical light.

    Read more of ART TALK in the KiptonART Online Magazine.

    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Special thanks to Elisabeth for speaking with KiptonART.
    Image courtesy of Nick D'Emilio.

    Monday, November 16, 2009

    Japanese Arms & Armor at The Met - Samurai Arts Debut!

    Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156 - 1868
    October 21, 2009 - January 10, 2010
    Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY

    This is the first comprehensive exhibition devoted to the arts of the samurai. Arms and armor is the principal focus, bringing together the finest examples of armor, swords and sword mountings, archery equipment and firearms, equestrian equipment, banners, surcoats, and related accessories of rank such as fans and batons. Drawn entirely from public and private collections in Japan, the majority of objects date from the rise of the samurai in the late Heian period, ca. 1156, through the early modern Edo period, ending in 1868, when samurai culture was abolished.

    Read more on the exhibit in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite approved!
    Image courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    Image: Do-Maru Gusoku Armor with Black Lacing and Three-Branched Deerhorn Helmet, Momoyama period, late 16th century, on view only till 11/29.

    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    KiptonART Artists Shine at "Friends of the Arts Party" at Christie's

    Alliance for the Arts held their annual fundraiser last night at famed auction house Christie's. The "Friends of the Arts Party" introduced an art-savvy crowd to Latin American works that will be included in Christie's Fall sale, with paintings by renowned artists such as Fernando Botero and Claudio Bravo. Guests took part in a silent auction showcasing art created by 17 KiptonART artists, including the six 2010 KiptonART Rising Artists: Kiritin Beyer, Julie Combal, Bon Duke, Emily Korman, Avery McCarthy and Matthew Satz. The other talented artists were Emily Baker, Tina Buchholtz, Sandro Diani, Sharon Dowell, Ula Einstein, Azadeh Ghotbi, Marlon Krieger, Shay Kun, Paul Seftel, David Szydlowski and Gavin Zeigler. Congratulations to all artists involved! Committee members and patrons of the arts included: Vice President for the Alliance of the Arts Anne Coates, President for the Alliance of the Arts Randall Bourscheidt, Christie's Lydia Fenet, Ashton Hawkins and John L. Moore III, Dr. J Marc Michel Leonard, Justin and Indre Rockefeller, Beatriz Garcia, Brian Ellner, Manish Vora, Eric R. Johnson and Paul Beirne.

    Event Sponsors included: Christie's, ENI,, Diamond Vodka, ForbesLife, KiptonART, City Winery, Steaz, Cerritos

    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image: KiptonART artist Bon Duke with his piece "Proenza Schouler"

    ART TALK with Gillian Hearst Simonds: Interview by Kipton Cronkite

    Who are your favorite KiptonART artists?
    I really like Sabina Forbes' work, specifically "Galactic Sea (Light Blue)," and Sharon Dowell's pieces "Near the River," "Asheville," "Helena's Corner," and "Elizabeth." The colors and angles are beautiful.

    What was the last exhibit you saw?
    I went to "Andy Warhol: The Bazaar Years 1951-1964."

    What artist has most influenced or inspired you in life?
    I have a few wonderful pieces by Ross Bleckner, my husband has some Joseph Barrett's that I adore, but I'd have to say Francoise Gilot is my all time favorite.

    Visit the KiptonART Online Magazine.

    Kipton Cronkite Approved.

    Special thanks to Gillian for speaking with KiptonART.
    Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    Press Release: Dress Codes at International Center of Photography

    Dress Codes: The Third ICP Triennial of Photography and Video
    International Center of Photography, 1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036
    October 2, 2009 - January 17, 2010

    The International Center of Photography
    is proud to present Dress Codes: The Third ICP Triennial of Photography and Video, a global survey of today’s most exciting and innovative photography and video art. As ICP's signature exhibition - and the only one of its kind in America - this year's Triennial promises to be the most dynamic yet, featuring over 100 recent works by 34 artists from 18 countries. The newly released roster of artists includes such rising stars as Mickalene Thomas, Yto Barrada, Kimsooja, and Thorsten Brinkmann, as well as established artists such as Cindy Sherman, Stan Douglas, and Lorna Simpson. As with previous ICP Triennials, this year's exhibition has a thematic focus: fashion. The artists in Dress Codes understand fashion as a form of social communication, and use costume, clothing, and disguise to create a rich visual language filled with specific references to history, culture, gender, and geography.

    Read more on Dress Codes in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved.
    Image courtesy of International Center of Photography.
    Mickalene Thomas, Portrait of Qusuquzah, 2008

    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    Tickets On Sale: ARTWALK NY, Nov. 17!


    Cocktail Party with Live and Silent Auctions Benefiting Coalition for the Homeless

    Tuesday, November 17, 2009
    6:30 PM - Silent Auction
    8:00 PM - Live Auction & Cocktail Party 

    Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere and Carey Lowell

    Tasting stations, generously donated from New York's top restaurants, will include celebrated fare from Michael's, Forty Eight, Crema Restaurante, Scuderia, Klee Brasserie, Indochine and Da Silvano. The evening is sponsored by Time Out New York.

    For TICKETS and more information visit the KiptonART Online Magazine!
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image courtesy of Coalition for the Homeless.

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Paris Art Review: "La Subversion des Images" at the Centre Pompidou

    La Subversion des Images
    Surrealism, Photography, Film
    23 September 2009 - 11 January 2010
    Centre Pompidou, Paris

    "La Subversion des Images" compliments itself on bringing together "more than 350 works, some hundred documents and a dozen films," but it should; the collection is extensive.  Curators Quentin Bajac, Clement Cheroux, Guillaume Le Gall, Michel Poivert, and Philippe-Alain Michaud cut a particular cross-section of Surrealist art, but one that nonetheless opens many an exciting new door.  Film and photography were not just tools for the Surrealists, as the exhibit discovers.  They were essential to sculpting and advancing it.  Showcasing examples of Surrealist film and photography rather than particular artists, the exhibit still manages to squeeze in the likes of Man Ray, Hans Bellmer, and Claude Cahun alongside virtually unknown bodies of work.

    Read the full review in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image courtesy of le Centre Pompidou. Maurice Tabard, "Essai pour un film Culte Vaudou," 1937

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Preview KiptonART Artwork for Christie's Auction, This Friday!

    This Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, Alliance for the Arts will host the annual Friends of the Arts Party at the prestigious auction house Christie's. This year's event will feature an auction of 17 KiptonART artists of which a portion of the proceeds will go to the Alliance to support its work as an advocate for the arts. In addition to the auction, the evening will include cocktails, music, and an exclusive preview of the new Latin American Art show.

    The auction will feature KiptonART artists Emily Baker, Kiritin Beyer, Tina Buchholtz, Julie Combal, Sandro Diani, Sharon Dowell, Bon Duke, Ula Einstein, Azadeh Ghotbi, Emily Korman, Marlon Krieger, Shay Kun, Avery McCarthy, Matthew Satz, Paul Seftel, David Szydlowski, and Gavin Zeigler.

    Click here for more information on the artists and the auction in the KiptonART Online Magazine.

    Read more on the event and buy tickets in the KiptonART Online Magazine.

    Kipton Cronkite Aproved!
    Image: Gavin Zeigler, "Paper Trail 5," 36 x 36 in., Mixed Media. Value $9,600. Reserve $7,680.

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    Inside Look at Fashion Line ROARKE

    ROARKE is a line of uniquely crafted necklaces and bracelets made from beaded chiffon and heavenly materials. The accessories are an innovative way to bring a touch of glamour to daywear and evening alike. Designers Mignonne Gavigan and Laetitia Stanfield met with KiptonART style maven Zev Eisenberg and answered a few questions about their designs, the must haves for winter, and favorite New York spots.

    Where does the name ROARKE come from?
    The name ROARKE comes from a mutual love for our favorite protagonist in literature - Howard Roark from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. We wanted a strong name and we loved what the character stands for and how he defies societal norms.  He never compromises his imaginative designs and we want our customers to understand that we feel the same way about our designs.

    Read the full interview in the KiptonART Online Magazine!
    Kipton Cronkite Approved.
    Image courtesy of ROARKE.

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    e-Commerce Launch for KiptonART Demonstrates Commitment and Financial Support for Artists

    (New York, NY - November 6, 2009) - KiptonART is pleased to announce revolutionary e-Commerce capabilities are now active allowing art buyers to interact directly with KiptonART artists online.   After logging into KiptonART's secure online gallery, art buyers and gallery owners can browse hundreds of active emerging artists.  By clicking on the "Buy/Request" button, one can inquire with artists to verify if works are available for purchase and find out the costs of direct shipping.  After confirmation from the artist, art buyers are prompted to pay online via credit card where the shipping details of the art buyer will be sent directly to KiptonART artists. Payment and loan requests are tracked inside the art buyer and artist secure account profiles.  Art buyers who prefer to have art works loaned for approval can request directly from artists online or speak directly to a KiptonART representative.  "Our technology allows art buyers direct access to our artists and our concept is revolutionary to breaking down the barriers of connecting artists to high net worth individuals."  Our mission is Giving Artists Access and the latest e-Commerce initiative is another step forward demonstrating our commitment to support emerging artists," says Kipton Cronkite, Founder of KiptonART.   "Now that KiptonART artists can interact directly with art buyers means more sales opportunities and ways for artists to create a platform to support themselves financially during this tough economic environment."  Read the full press release here!

    On Monday, November 2, KiptonART announced the 6 winners of the KiptonART Rising 2010 program at SAKS Fifth Avenue and on Thursday, November 5, showcased all 6 winners at the book launch party for "The Kingdom of New York" hosted by Jared Kushner of the New York Observer.   Thursday's event at the Longchamp store in soho attracted notable guests Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump, Charles Kushner, newly announced Editor of the New York Observer Kyle Pope, Longchamp's CEO Marti Carroll, Simon Doonan, Miguel Fabregas, Tom McGeveran and Vanessa von Bismarck.

    For press inquiries, contact
    KiptonART Foundation

    Press Release: MOMA & PS1 Launch NY Waterfront Initiative

    The Museum of Modern Art and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center announce Rising Currents: Projects for New York's Waterfront, a major, eight-month initiative that will bring together teams of architects, engineers, and landscape designers to address and create infrastructure solutions to make New York City more resilient in response to rising water levels and to protect endangered eco-systems. Comprising an eight-week architects-in-residence workshop at P.S.1 beginning November 16, followed by an exhibition of the resulting design proposals at MoMA, Rising Currents' purpose is to address the need for the design of adaptive "soft" infrastructures for New York and New Jersey's Upper Bay.

    An exhibition of the proposed projects developed by the teams will be installed in MoMA's galleries for architecture and design from March 24 through August 10, 2010.  At the center of the exhibition will be the physical and digital models and drawings produced by the four teams, whose members will also be involved in designing the exhibition with members of MoMA's Department of Exhibition Design and Production.  The exhibition, therefore, not only will present innovative work for design interventions in the New York/New Jersey harbor and estuaries, but also will contribute a new model of exhibition with public participation in every level from the workshop through to the final exposition.

    Read the full press release in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image courtesy of the MoMA.

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    Congratulations to KiptonART Rising 2010!

    Monday night Saks Fifth Avenue, Longchamp and The New York Observer partnered with the KiptonART Foundation to host the high-profile celebration of the KiptonART Rising 2010 winners.

    The incredibly successful evening began with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres while guests browsed the works of the 19 finalists. Following the wonderful musical performace by Orba Squara, Longchamp CEO Marti Carroll joined KiptonART founder Kipton Cronkite on stage to announce the highly-anticipated winners of KiptonART Rising 2010. Winners included Kiritin Beyer, Julie Combal, Bon Duke, Emily Korman, Avery McCarthy and Matthew Satz. Hosts for the evening included HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Gillian Hearst Simonds and Catherine Forbes. Guests included Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia, Becca Cason Thrash, Cece Cord and Baronness Monica von Zadora-Gelof.

    Congratulations to the six winners and thank you to all who attended and for supporting the KiptonART Foundation.

    Read more on the evening in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image (L to R): Ally Hilfiger, Kipton Cronkite, Annabel Vartanian
    Image courtesy of Guest of a Guest

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Shana Tabor, In God We Trust

    The fashion-forward clothing line and store In God We Trust recently opened a third branch in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. To celebrate the opening KiptonART style maven and contributor Zev Eisenberg  spoke with founder and designer Shana Tabor on her vision, influences, and most disliked trends.

    What is a significant fashion moment in your life?
    This is stupid, but when I was growing up my mom used to say to me all the time, "It's not like you're going to a fashion show." I now hear my mother's voice every time I get dressed. When I was preparing to attend my first show I heard my mom's voice, and was like, "No wait, I am going to a fashion show!"

    Read the full interview in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image courtesy of In God We Trust.

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    Featured Artist: David Szydlowski

    David Szydlowski, our featured artist of the past two weeks, speaks on his style, his influences and the business of art.

    I am currently working on various works that fuse the underlying psychology behind surrealism and symbols to a more traditional mode of oil painting. Something that perhaps at first the viewer does not consciously acknowledge where they subconsciously realize that there are elements in the painting to be discovered and a deeper meaning underlying the entire work.  I have always been fascinated with psychology and how I can fuse modern day psychological theories and statistics into my paintings as subtly as possible.

    Read more on David Szydlowski in the KiptonART Online Magazine!
    Kipton Cronkite Approved!
    Image: David Szydlowski, "Bridge of Sighs," 24 x 16 in, Oil on Canvas. Log in for pricing.