Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sister Parish Design

It is difficult not to linger as one walks by Carnegie Hill gem Gerald Bland, Inc. Established in 1987, the eponymous owner offers a carefully curated selection of  art and home design in a space that rivals any museum or gallery in aesthetic.  The distinguished Gerald Bland caters to a clientele of international connoisseurs and newcomers with equal patience and attention; each piece has a history and he is the consummate storyteller.  It was a family affair, however, on Thursday, October 20 as Bland proudly feted an exhibition featuring the watercolor renderings of his wife, Mita Corsini Bland.  Mita has painted for clients such as the Forbes family and Mayor Bloomberg, and now eagerly anticipates the October 27 publication of Sister Parish Design for which she is the illustrator.  Authors Libby Cameron and Susan Bartlett Crater were also present last evening, signing copies of the exquisite decorating book for a select group of family and friends. Their children Sebastian and Georgiana Bland, along with a bevy of their young friends including Annabel Vartanian, Callum McLaughlin, and David Mehlman were also present to toast the newest source of decorative inspiration in town.  The grand finale was a private dinner at the elegant home of Karen Klopp, founder of What2WearWhere. Sister Parish Design can be pre-ordered here but the visceral experience of Gerald Bland, Inc. requires a trip to 90 and Madison. . . and perhaps a bowl of Sarabeth’s famous tomato soup afterwards!

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