Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Marlborough Man

A coterie of cultural luminaries joined Marlborough Gallery Thursday night to celebrate artist Steven Charles at the stunning Glass Houses space high above the city.  Charles’ new show, The Upstairs Room, opened earlier in the night at Marlborough’s Chelsea location.  The three-dozen paintings and sculptures on display represent “complex layers” and “a straddling of two worlds” according to the artist, much like the multi-talented melange that gathered in their honor. 

Power publicist Bettina Prentice had every corner of the art world covered, with a cast including artist Andres Serrano, curator Anastasia Rogers, Art Production Fund Director Casey Fremont, and gallery owner Pierre Levai.  Staving off the cliche image of reclusive writers were social scribes Anisha Lakhani and Melanie Berliet, who manage to hit all the right spots in their partying as well as their prose.  The musical contingent was embodied by DJ Nick Cohen, who prepared an eclectic mix of tunes for the occasion.  Rounding out the scene were society darlings Chessy Wilson and Dalia Oberlander, and brocialites Kristian Laliberte, Paul Johnson-Calderon, and Scott Buccheit.

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