Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tom Sachs Inspired By James Brown

Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs, artist and sculptor, gave a tour to the Whitney Artists Council yesterday evening where he guided members throughout his studio including a conversation around his latest series focusing on musician James Brown. Most who know Sachs, think about images of Hello Kitty and remember stories of his infamous Space Program at Larry Gagosian’s Beverly Hills gallery in 2007. This energetic, and handsome, 43 year-old gave hope that the art world is not dead. Sachs demonstrated how he completed an incredible series of intricate installations around Mr. Brown’s personal memorabilia including a fully operating music system, sit down hair dryer (like your grandma’s) and an open briefcase displaying an authentic James Brown passport purchased at auction. Whitney patrons Joanne Cassullo, Lisa Anastos, Patti Kim, Allison Wiener, Cecilia Wolfson and Philae Knight were among the members who rolled out to share in this special opportunity. At the of the evening, there was talk about how quickly tickets to the Whitney Studio Party on October 19 are selling so if the Sachs studio visit was any indication of what’s to come, the Whitney will have another sellout and massive party for art-loving New Yorkers.

Kipton Cronkite Approved!

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