Thursday, September 10, 2009

STATES OF UNION at Morgan Lehman Gallery

Alix Smith, States of Union #15

Alix Smith, States of Union #10

Alix Smith is opening a whole new world for herself this evening, starting with her first solo show, States of Union, at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York. The basis of this project is conceptual portraits and how they relay (or relate) to identity. Hashing out the idea(s) behind this project was a long process for Smith. She loves using photography because it captures something and is representative. Based on classic portraiture, Smith shows homosexual unions are really no different than conventional, heterosexual pairing. These images seem overtly familiar as Smith attempts to redefine the conventional definition of family.
This show is just the start for this particular project. After opening at the Morgan Lehman Gallery, States of Union will be traveling for the next 4 years to small towns and big cities. Along the way, Smith will be adding more images, accumulating a larger body of portraits. This has been made largely possible by the NYFA.
Check out the opening this evening at Morgan Lehman Gallery from 6-8pm.

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