Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shifiting Time Zones

It's unfortunate that we have to see the doors of Galleria Emi Fontana close for good, but we are given quite a treat with the Milan-based gallery's final exhibition. A solo show by installation artist Liliana Moro, one of the first artists that the gallery represented and exhibited in its first year back in 1992, will bring a final applause to an innovative venue.

Emi Fontana is switching time zones and will be bringing her talent and charm to Los Angeles, next stop, West of Rome. The West of Rome organization is an alternative to standard museum and gallery spaces and explores a span of urban spaces. Each exhibition/installation/event is presented in a venue that speaks to it's needs and depends on the nature of the each artist's project. Keep an eye out for Emi Fontana's innovative activities in the City of Angels.

Above, Olafur Eliasson, To Day, 2005 from Meant To Be Lived In, the inagural show of West of Rome, Inc.

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