Friday, September 18, 2009

Press Release: Paola Hernandez Debuts Spring 2010 Collection During New York Fashion Week

Mexico City-based designer Paola Hernandez brought her Spring 2010 Collection to new York Fashion Week, showing 20 looks in a unique presentation format at the Inn at Irving Place.

Guests (including
Lydia Fenet, Martin Dawson, Lucia Tait and Chadwick Bell) sipped Tanteo jalapeno margaritas as they moved throughout the three rooms of the quaint Inn . Models were assembled in vignettes: playing chess, backgammon and scrabble, drinking tea, reading books, etc. The scene underscored Hernandez’s vision for the collection, which was inspired by intellectuals and the contributions they make to society and human consciousness-at-large by bringing forth new ideas. Appropriately, the hair (styled by Cutler) was modeled on the iconic Albert Einstein. (Photo: Hatnim Lee)

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