Sunday, September 27, 2009

Made To Measure

We've all heard Twain's expression "clothes make the man," a fashion platitude recited forward and backward for generations.  This age-old concept of the mercurial man changing face and metamorphosing his identity with articles of clothing--or "power suiting"--is the bedrock of artist Greg Lauren's latest work, "Alteration."  At 28 Wooster Street (formerly Guild and Greyshkul), Greg has created a simulacra of "sociological couture" that blurs the lines between art gallery and fashion retail boutique.  Last Thursday's exclusive opening drew close friends and members of kin--David Lauren and Lauren Bush; Dylan Lauren; and Jerry Lauren, Greg's father and Executive VP of Menswear at Ralph Lauren--along with hunky actor Gerard Butler, Parker Posey, Samantha Mathis (whom we all remember as the Xanax-popping Courtney Rawlinson in American Psycho), fashion photographer Sante d'Orazio, art collector and philanthropist Beth de Woody, and Greg's lovely wife, actress Elizabeth Berkley.

More about Greg Lauren's opening in the KiptonART Magazine!
Kipton Cronkite Approved! 

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