Friday, September 25, 2009

KiptonART Featured Artist: Julie Combal

KiptonART Featured Artist Julie Combal has exhibited in New York City, Paris, France and Japan. Combal's work is in private collections around the world, and she recently completed a print-making fellowship at the Manhattan Graphics Center in New York City. Please enjoy what she has to share about her current work and take this opportunity to read her answers to the five questions we ask every artist.

"My current projects focus on the discordance between the chaotic, beautiful natural world and the human desire to control and challenge it. I am looking at nature, natural disasters and weather and their effect on man. I focus on the elements of light, texture and color to create an atmosphere wherein on e meditates on the beauty of the natural elements while also reflecting on the tension between man and his natural environment." -Julie Combal

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