Sunday, August 16, 2009

A-Trak: Webster Hall Review

'Tis Spring of 2003. I'm hanging by a thread as a senior in high school. I'm fighting with my parents constantly. I think the only person in the world who understands me is my crazy girlfriend, who I'm obviously going to marry, thus I'll base my choice of college on her, a decision that worked out very well actually, but was not made for the right reasons.
All in all, bored as hell. I know I'm getting all this cash for graduation though. I could save it so that I'm not destitute when my parents cut me off once I get to college in a few months.
But I could also buy a pair of Numark TTX turntables (better for scratching than the better branded Technics) and a Rane 56 mixer, with the bells and whistles like some Shure 447s, Sony V700s and lots of vinyl to fuck with.
My then twenty something family friend Geoff introduced me to the world of turntablism or scratch dj'ing, whatever you want to call it, the year before. Since then, I had skipped smoking weed and playing Dead or Alive 3 with my friends uptown to go downtown and learn how to scratch at Geoff's apartment, and well, watch him smoke weed.
I loved it.

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