Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Serge Strosberg's Synthetic Genealogy

Belgian portraitist Serge Strosberg's Genealogy acts as a tribute to both his Jewish and non-Jewish ancestry while exploring his fascination with identity. It comprises seven portraits of members from Strosberg's lineage, as well as a genealogical tree of the Lopes Cardozo family (Strosberg's grandmother's surname).

The genealogical tree was compiled by Strosberg's relatives Raphael Lopes Cardozo and Ernest Lopes Cardozo, through extensive research of historical documents and the Internet. Beginning in the 16th Century, it chronicles the exile of the Sephardic Jewish Lopes Cardozo family from Spain into Portugal during the Spanish Inquisition; then from Portugal to Belgium or the Netherlands, where they found religious asylum and currently reside.

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