Monday, August 17, 2009

Outerbridge & Callis at The Getty

Jo Ann Callis, Woman With Blue Bow, 1977

When I first visited The Getty Center seven years ago, I was in hot pursuit of a topic for my humanities term paper. I was aware of the museum, but wasn't quite sure what was in store. It was pouring down rain (probably the only time it rained in Los Angeles that year) and the last thing I wanted to be doing on a Saturday was perusing Baroque art with tourists (no offense to Baroque art... or tourists). I was more than pleasantly surprised. A tram ride is necessary to transport you from the parking structure to the actual museum. As we ascended the Santa Monica Mountains where The Getty Center sits, the view was spectacular. We were greeted by docents with umbrellas for each guest so as not to disrupt our visit. My indifference dissolved as Richard Meier's travertine masterpiece enveloped my senses. I got an A on the paper and The Getty has become one of my favorite Los Angeles spots, rain or shine.

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