Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jeff Scher's Animated Life: 'The Parade'

Jeff Scher, an artist and friend of KiptonART, was recently featured in the New York times for his short film, 'The Parade'. Scher is "a painter who makes experimental films and an experimental filmmaker who paints". He has been included in many group shows around New York and currently teaches graduate courses at the School of Visual Arts and at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Kanbar Institute of Film & Television's Animation program. Below is a exert from the New York Times, sharing Scher's own words as he lays down the groundwork beautifully for narrating his recent work.

"The street etiquette of avoiding eye contact lets us go about our business without the distraction of interaction. Most people wear the New York “street face.” It’s a kind of neutral expression with a touch of “don’t mess with me.” It has a do-not-disturb aura. But the truth is that everyone is looking at everyone else all the time. It’s done on the sly, looking away when caught, often with instinctive pretense (as in, I wasn’t looking at you, but at that very interesting doorknob just behind you).
Above, From Jeff Scher's film, 'Lost and Found'

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